Mosque Open Day

Kirkcaldy Central Mosque Open Day – February 7th 2016
The open day was intended for the local community to come in and experience what it feels like to worship in a mosque.

A power-point presentation was delivered on the history and functionalities of mosques around the world. The tour continued with a guided tour around the current mosque.

Accompanying the presentations and visual images of the new mosque, various stalls were set around the mosque hall which included:

– Trying on mosque hats & turbans
– Trying on scarfs for females
– Henna painting
– Arabic calligraphy of everybody’s names
– Mosque display boards
– Mosque syllabus
Open Day – February 7th 2016

To give the attendees a real flavour of how it feels to pray in a mosque, they listened to the Adhaan (call of prayer) followed by a collective congregational prayer. A translation was provided so all our guests could understand what was being recited.
The day concluded with serving of traditional Indian food which was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended.

The day was an overall success with over one hundred guests which included the likes of Roger Mullin (Local MP), David Torrance (Local MSP) and the Bishop of St Andrews, David Chillingworth.
We hope to hold our next open day soon so we look forward to seeing you all there!