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Mohammed HammadMosque Imam
travelled to South Africa to study under the leading intellectual and researcher, Mufti Akbar Hazarvi where he spent four years studying the classical Islamic and Qur’anic studies at Darul-Uloom Pretoria.
eMail: Muhammed@kirkcaldycentralmosque.org.uk
tel:01592 641057

Mansoor MahmoodMosque Imam
After graduating in the year 2007, he then moved to Egypt to study at the well renowned Al-Azhar University. He spent five years there completing a BA in Tafseer (interpretation of the Qur’an) and ‘Uloom Al-Qur’an (sciences of the Qur’an).
eMail: Mansoor@kirkcaldycentralmosque.org.uk
tel:01592 641057
Iffet RafeeqUstadha
Ustadha Iffet is the co-founder, and the chairwoman of Dust to Diamonds, a Da’wah and counselling programme tailored for modern day issues. She is also popularly known as an influential YouTuber. Nationally known as a public speaker, she travels all around the country to instil religion into the hearts of young women and help them tackle social, mental and cultural issues that disease our societies.
email: Iffet@kirkcaldycentralmosque.org.uk
tel:01592 641057
Afeefa AhmedUstadha
Ustadha Afeefa Ahmed is currently a teacher and religious counsellor at the Kirkcaldy Central Mosque. In 2008 after completing the first year of her Sociology degree at Worcester University, she decided to follow her passion and pursued Islamic Studies at Jamia Al-Karam where she studied the 3-year Diploma in Islamic Sciences & Classical Arabic under the guidance of Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada.
eMail: Afeefa@kirkcaldycentralmosque.org.uk
tel:01592 641057

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