Friday Sermons

The Prophetic Character

Perhaps the most important Khutba (sermon) delivered, as it covers a topic which is completely practical and can be followed in everyday life. It covers references from the Quran about the greatness of the Prophetic Character. It covers traits and habits which the Messenger Muhammad ( [+]

Goal of Life for a Muslim

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear ”  [Quran, 2:286] Every Muslim should set goals to achieve in life, without it, life can become meaningless and empty. That is why Muslims should ponder of the question that are they simply created to solely eat, drink, marry [+]

Scientific miracles of the Qur’an

This Khutba (sermon) looks into the scientific discoveries that were mentioned in the Quran long before science shed light on them. Discoveries such as: Details about the embryo development in the womb Description to the structure of Mountains Origins of the universe Please view the P [+]

Controlling one’s Tongue

“Glad tidings to the one whose tongue is moist with the remembrance of Allah” [ Hadith ] What is the most important organ of the body? Is it the heart? Is it the brain? Or is it the skin? Allah has created many organs in our bodies but one organ in particular has been created as t [+]

Family Unit in Islam

“And Allah has made for you from yourselves mates and has made from your mates sons and grandchildren, and has provided for you good things” [Quran, 16:72] Islam has paid great attention to protecting and taking care of the family. The family is the nucleus of the society. That is [+]


This Khutba (sermon) PowerPoint covers the meaning of Shukr (thankfulness) from the Quran and Prophetic Traditions of the Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). It gives methods of thanking Allah (Most High) and how much we are rewarded for showing our appreciation to our Lord. The [+]