Kirkcaldy Central Mosque aims to provide a higher quality of education for all ages through its enhanced Islamic studies programme.

islam-kid-1The Mosque has recently reviewed its Islamic Studies programme for its students and has devised a new comprehensive syllabus in order to provide a higher degree of education. We envision our new syllabus and modern method of teaching to increase visual, creative and active learning of all students.
Two separate classes are held daily for children (boys & girls) / teenagers from Monday to Friday, the first class beginning from 4:30pm – 5:30pm and the second class at 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

The Quran classes are carefully divided and are designed for following type of learners:
1) Beginner: Learning the Arabic alphabet and basic word structure of the Quran
2) Advanced: Practicing the recitation of the Quran after passing the beginner stage.
3) Memorisation (Hifz): Memorising the Qur’an.

The minimum age of admission is 5 years.

Note: Students will only be admitted into a Hifz class after a rigorous test on fluent recitation skills.
Classes and courses are also available for adults (male & female) on various topics, combining both contemporary issues and traditional sciences, such as –
1) Combating Extremism
2) A Muslim’s Identity in the 21st century
3) Interfaith Harmony
4) Islam in Great Britain
5) Religious Tolerance
6) Role of Mosques

7) Aqeeda (Beliefs)
8) Islamic History
9) Fiqh (Islamic law)
10) Seerah (Life of the Messenger peace be upon him)

Many more areas of Islam are also covered in depth; updates of our ladies classes are available on our Facebook page.