Counselling Service


“If two groups of believers should fall fighting, make peace between them.” [Quran, 49:9]
Due to the growing needs of the Kirkcaldy Central Mosque community, it has positively begun its counselling service for all those in need of emotional or spiritual guidance. Our dedicated team of Imams and female scholars are highly motivated and sensitive to foster these sensitive needs of the community.
This counselling service aims to promote conflict resolution based on Islamic values of unity, peace and understanding amongst Muslims, as well as the wider community.

For further peace of mind, our personal sessions are strictly confidential. Our counselling service is available through various means, namely, the telephone, email, and a face to face session.
The service uses both male and female trained scholars to respond to client enquiries.
For more information feel to contact us on the details below:


Kirkcaldy Central Mosque

Contact Number:
01592 641057