31 Oct

Aqeeda (Creed & Articles of Faith)

Aqeeda is an area of Islamic scholarship which covers the fundamental beliefs a Muslim must have. It is extremely important that a Muslim knows his / her beliefs because many of them are conditions for being Muslim. In this class, core beliefs are explained along with references from authentic sources such as the Quran and Prophet Traditions.

The core beliefs covered are of the following:

– Belief in Allah
– Angels
– Heavenly scriptures
– Prophets
– Destiny
– Day of Judgement
– Afterlife

Aim of the book
Students will be prepared to know the above beliefs in Islam. These beliefs are vital for their religion to stay intact. Students will be taught these beliefs along with their authenticated evidences and reasons to why they must acknowledge them.
Each section is carefully explained in a comprehensive manner by conveying the mainstream view of Islamic Theology. This ultimately will provide students to become well-grounded in their fundamental core beliefs.

Class instructor: Imam Mohammed Hammad
Day / Time: Tuesday after Maghrib prayers


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