Controlling one’s Tongue

“Glad tidings to the one whose tongue is moist with the remembrance of Allah” [ Hadith ]

What is the most important organ of the body? Is it the heart? Is it the brain? Or is it the skin?

Allah has created many organs in our bodies but one organ in particular has been created as the smallest yet the most lethal – the tongue –

A person’s speech can either make or break him. Therefore the Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) placed great emphasis upon using one’s tongue in a correct and upright manner.

This khutba (sermon) deals with using one’s tongue in an upright manner and how powerful words can affect people.

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Family Unit in Islam

“And Allah has made for you from yourselves mates and has made from your mates sons and grandchildren, and has provided for you good things” [Quran, 16:72]

Islam has paid great attention to protecting and taking care of the family.

The family is the nucleus of the society. That is why it is important to have one that is coherent, stable and able to assume its responsibilities in maintaining and promoting societal values, customs and traditions. Such a task lies primarily with the parents, who should set a good example because children tend to follow their parent’s footsteps.

Today’s children will be men and women, the citizens of tomorrow. The fabric of the society will be made of these individuals. Whatever lessons they learn today, they shall put them into practice tomorrow. If their upbringing today is perfect, the society of tomorrow shall be flawless. And if today’s generation follows a faulty program of training, it is imperative that tomorrow’s society will be immoral and dissolute.

This weeks’ sermon focuses on the importance of a healthy working family unit in Islam and how family influence shapes a child’s future.

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