Men's Classes

Hadith (Prophetic Traditions)

The religion of Islam is fundamentally based upon two prime sources: The Quran and Prophetic Tradition. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is seen as the ideal role model to emulate within the Muslim faith, it is therefore, incumbent upon every Muslim that they learn about this [+]

Fiqh (Islamic Law)

“ If you do not know, ask people who know the scripture.” [Quran, 21:7] Fiqh (Islamic Law) Fiqh (Islamic Law) is the study of rules and regulations for worship. It is the most important subject to study because it enables a person to worship Allah (Most High) in the correct manner [+]

Aqeeda (Creed & Articles of Faith)

Aqeeda is an area of Islamic scholarship which covers the fundamental beliefs a Muslim must have. It is extremely important that a Muslim knows his / her beliefs because many of them are conditions for being Muslim. In this class, core beliefs are explained along with references from [+]