31 Oct

Hifzh (Memorisation) Classes

Memorisation of the Quran is a very important and virtuous act. It is obligatory for a person to recite some aspect of the Quran during Salah. Therefore, it is incumbent upon every Muslim that they know at least short passages from the Quran by memory.

In this class, the teacher takes the students through the correct recitation of each Surah (chapter) alongside providing a short comprehensive Tafseer (commentary) of it.

The students are then given time during the class to memorise these Surahs (chapters). The chapters covered begin with the last ten of the 30th Juz (section) of the Quran and then carry on completing the entire section.

Course Aims
• To recite the Qur’an with correct pronunciation.
• To memorise short Surahs of the Qur’an
• To understand what is being recited

Class Instructor: Ustadha Afeefa
Day: Wednesday 10:30am – 12pm & Friday 6:15pm – 7:30pm


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