31 Oct

Fiqh (Islamic Law & Jurisprudence)

The ladies Fiqh (Islamic Law) class discusses the practical Islamic laws based on the Quran and Prophetic Traditions. These laws are based on the Hanafi Madhab (School of thought). Allah (Most High) has created us so that we may worship him in the correct manner; therefore it is an obligation upon each and every Muslim to know the rules and regulations for worship. The classes cover a range of topics including:

– Tahaarah (cleanliness): Wudu (Ablution), Ghusl (Bathing), Tayammum (Dry ablution), Menstruation etc.

– Salah (Prayer): Times of Salah (prayer), Adhaan (call to prayer), Jamaa’ah (Congregational prayer), Funeral prayer etc.

– Sawn (Obligatory Fasting): The virtues of fasting, sighting of the moon, invalidators of fasting etc.

– Zakaah (Obligatory Charity): Rulings of giving charity, how to offer the obligation and to whom etc.

– Hajj (Pilgrimage): How to perform Hajj (pilgrimage), compulsion of the pilgrimage, regulations, principles, offences etc.

Course Aims
This course covers the most fundamental aspects of daily worship. It focuses on all different types of purification, requirements, and rules of fulfilling all obligatory and recommended prayers.
• To thoroughly understanding the rules of each religious obligation
• Strengthen one’s worship and connection to Allah
• To assist understanding of the significance and rules of prayer, fasting, charity etc.

Class Instructor: Ustadha Afeefa
Day: Monday 6:30pm – 7:15pm & Thursday 10am 11am


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