31 Oct

Adab (etiquettes) Class

“Indeed he is successful who purifies it, and he has failed whoever corrupted it.” [Quran, 91: 9-10]

The recipe for success in the afterlife is to return to our Lord Almighty with a sound and purified heart.

Adaab (Etiquettes) is revolved around spiritual purification. The lessons are based on Imam Sha’rani’s book ‘Adaab as-suhbah’ (Etiquettes of companionship).
Just as purification of the body is mandatory, it is also important for the spiritual purification of the heart. In this class we learn about the diseases of the heart and how the scholars have advised us to tackle them.

– Recognise the diseases of the heart
– To practice taqwa (God-consciousness)
– Together as a class, work on trying to better ourselves and attain proximity with Allah Almighty


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