New Muslim

Islam today is one of the fastest growing religions across the world, in accordance to that Kirkcaldy Central Mosque warmly welcomes all new Muslim to the mosque and provides sound advice and vital support to assist every new Muslim in their journey.

This service includes group and one to one sessions so new converts can learn to pray, recite the Quran and perform other important duties essential to Islam. The basis will cover –

1) Articles of Faith
2) Pillars of Islam
3) Quran
4) Life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
5) Culture and Islam

The mosque employs a healthy learning and engaging environment for all new Muslims with classes, workshops, question & answer session’s etc. All of these and more are part of this unique tailor-made service best suited for each individual.
This service also extends to existing Muslims who wish to expand their knowledge and also to non-Muslims who are interest in learning more about Islam.
All are welcome to come and learn.