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We have and continue to strive towards the avocation of peace and harmony of society through faith, affection and tolerance. The Mosque warmly welcomes all visitors of every faith and backgrounds to visit and discover more about the practices of Islam.

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Friday Sermons

16 Nov

The Prophetic Character

<blockquote>Perhaps the most important Khutba (sermon) delivered, as it covers a topic which is completely practical and can be followed in everyday life. It covers reference

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16 Nov

Scientific miracles of the Qur

This Khutba (sermon) looks into the scientific discoveries that were mentioned in the Quran long before science shed light on them. Discoveries such as: <blockquote> <ul

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16 Nov

Goal of Life for a Muslim

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear ”  [Quran, 2:286] Every Mus<img class="alignleft wp-image-1424 size-full" src="http://kirkcaldycentralmos

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Prayer Timings

Jummah: 13:15
8th December 2016 (Rabī al-Awwal 9, 1438) Sunrise: 39 Minutes
Begins6:10 am8:31 am12:05 pm1:50 pm3:43 pm5:52 pm
Iqamah6:30 am1:15 pm1:50 pm3:43 pm6:15 pm